“Best Desktop Support and Maintenance in the Greater Montreal Area”

We know that your computer network’s performance is vital to your company’s success. Our qualified team of technicians have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, offering you a down to earth level of service, including the best desktop support, remote assistance and hardware maintenance services in Montreal and Laval. Among the many benefits of partnering with the FixPCNetwork team of information technology experts, is the superior quality of repair and maintenance and computer troubleshooting support you’ll receive. Our computer desktops come with a 3 year warranty! We use only the best brands on the market.
“Keep your business always running, we offer our unique, 24×7”
FixPC-Care: computer support and hardware maintenance programs. Our help desk is managed with a fully trained team of expert IT support service agents, ready to provide you with first-class computer troubleshooting, PC repairs, hardware and network maintenance available in the following areas (Montreal, Laval and Brossard). These unmatched support and maintenance plans reduce your IT expenses and minimize system downtime. We customize every service plan according to our client's needs. This also allows you to budget your IT expenses accordinglyto your needs. In other words, your IT consulting agreement assures that you get FixPC-Premium service without paying a premium price.

Computer Support and Service in The Greater Montreal Area and Laval

FixPC-Remote: Our highly trained and certified computer support professionals are ready to assist your staff at any time.  With our cutting-edge technology, we can connect remotely to your desktop computers and assist you from a distance. FixPC-Remote services allows us to connect to desktops, laptops, and pads wherever they are located. Whether you are traveling or in the office, our trained technicians will be able to assist you no matter where you are.

So call FixPCNetwork today for computer support and service and don’t stress anymore!

FixPC-Recovery "Simple, Fast, Efficient and Accurate"

With more than 15 years of experience in data recovery, we retrieve data from unintentionally deleted, corrupted (by Virus or Power failure), inaccessible, formatted, mechanically damaged storage media such as hard drives (Desktop and Laptop), USB drive, memory card (SD, micro SD, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, xD, etc..), CD/DVD and even RAID Volumes (Stripped, Mirrored or RAID 5 or 10)

We increase the chances of a successful data recovery by using new cutting edge technology.


Request a Quote to evaluate your situation, with a No Data No Charge guarantee. You could have peace of mind that we'll do everything it takes to recover your data in a safe manner.

FixPC-Recovery lab is based in Laval, and provides complete data recovery services for the Greater Montreal Area from individuals to enterprises. We appreciate your business, and to prove it we offer free pickup and delivery service within a 40 kilometre radius from Laval. You can also mail your media to us.

On-Site: There will be an on-site evaluation and if the initial test shows that the recovery is possible on-site and you approve it, you will only be charged by the hour.

On-Lab: If the initial diagnostic shows that it requires a more exhaustive data recovery process, then we take your Hard Drive to the FixPC Lab in Laval where we have all the special equipment needed to complete the job.

We will send you the list of all available data to recover and only after you approve the recovery, we will extract the information. We will then deliver the recovered data to your location.

Our pricing is 20-30% less than our competition. By using cutting edge data recovery techniques, we are able to lower costs and keep data recovery prices down. Our affordable prices start from $180, so don't wait any longer, get your files back and call us today!

Get a Data Recovery Quote Today!

Hard Drive Manufacturers

With increased efficiency and flexibility, cloud computing and cloud technology is no longer a cutting edge technology, but part of our everyday lives, at home, and in business. By moving to the cloud, businesses are able to store their data in one place that can be easily accessed from anywhere and at any time. If your organization is  looking for a company that provides reliable Cloud Services and solutions for your small business in the Greater Montreal Area, you are in the right place.

Our hosted cloud solutions include:

-Microsoft Office 365 - Give your employees the freedom to work when and where they need to, on their favorite devices which will increase productivity, simplify team collaboration and enhance their work-life balance. With Office 365, anything you can do in the office, you can now do on the go.

-Remote Access to your Office desktop – Control the remote computer as if you were sitting directly in front of it. This includes the dialogs from the user accounts control of any Windows or Mac workstation. Transfer files to or from the remote computer – as easy as cut and paste!

-Cloud Backup Services - We have recently partnered with Datto to supply all our clients with desktop profile backup and cloud access to all their files, a new inexpensive alternative to Dropbox and Box that has all the key features you’d expect from a file sharing tool. Built with the SMB in mind, Datto Drive enables you to easily share and access your files from anywhere - even from your mobile devices - while keeping your data safe and secure. you can join the program with this link: FixPCNetwork.DattoDrive.com - Sign up now and take advantage of our incredible promotion of 1TB of free storage for 1 year for unlimited users. After the first year, 1TB of storage is just $10 a month, unlimited users!

-FixPC-Workplace Cloud Solution – our virtual desktop solutions can help you and your business team work effectively, keeping your desktop infrastructure and data safely in the cloud.

FixPCNetwork understands the importance of Computer Training for our client's staff, this is why we integrate FixPC-Training as an important building block of our services. We can help your employees become more comfortable using IT – and less fearful of it. As a result, it can bring a number of benefits to your company:

•Everyone in your business will be able to use and understand IT more effectively – increasing your overall productivity
•Staff preservation and morale will improve, as employees feel more at ease in their workplace
•Having someone they can count on for their IT knowledge on the go needs,

We created FixPC-Training because we discover it’s imperative you include IT Training on the go as a part of your everyday business. Consider how it will help you achieve your business objectives. Imagine if the cost to training could be integrated into your regular IT needs!

As well as helping your business succeed, IT training plays an important part in their personal development. FixPCNetwork makes  IT Training seem like a normal part of our tasks in our regular visits.