Network Monitoring and Security

FixPCNerwork-Premium "Is a proactive network monitoring service that's key to minimize downtime and keep your business running smoothly."

Without IT support, you are simply guessing what will fail and when. FixPCNetwork-Premium takes the guesswork out of network maintenance with our 24×7 network monitoring management service. We believe it is crucial for your business, to have a managed service plan. You will have access to the priority service response, all issues will be addressed in real time.

FixPCNetwork-Premium Benefits include:

  • 24×7 Network Monitoring Services
  • Lowered maintenance costs

  • Reduced security risk

  • Increased service quality, speed and reliability of IT infrastructure

  • Prevention of errors through proactive maintenance

  • We receive instant notification if network become unavailable (Avoid costly network downtime)
  • Valuable assets and data are safeguarded in real-time

  • Real time network auditing Hardware (Computer, Laptops, Printers, Router, Switch, Firewall, etc..) and Software
  • Real time Antivirus and Malware monitors with instant alert notification
  • Real time hardware failure monitoring
  • Real time data backup monitoring
  • Boosted productivity with cutting-edge technology