We developed the FixPC-Care program to break the IT barrier before it forms, so you can use your computer the way you were supposed to, “without barriers”.
The IT barrier is all those issues that slow down your computer, eventually bringing it to a halt. Some examples of this are windows updates, security patches, programs and driver updates, viruses, malware, spyware, security loopholes, temporary files, fragmentation, dead sectors on the hard drive, faulty hardware, etc...
Usually when you hire a computer support professional, he performs a set of tasks to make your computer usable again. The minute he leaves the premises, the IT barrier starts forming again, eventually making it so slow that you need to call him again! In reality you only need a few minutes of maintenance a day, but those minutes accumulate fast!
When you get the FixPC-Care program, our engineer will perform these tasks in the background, without you even noticing it! These tasks can pop up many times in the same day! If your hard drive starts to show signs of failure, all your files will be backed up immediately and you will receive a call from our engineer to set up an appointment to change your hard drive, before it is too late and saves you countless hours of downtime.

FixPC Care includes:

- FixPC-Guard – Break the IT barrier as it forms! We resolve issues as they arise!
- FixPC-Cloud – Backup, licensing of your necessary programs as you go!
- FixPC-Remote – Remote assistance in case you are stuck.
- FixPC-Training – Advise on how to perform a task like an IT PRO!